Advisory Council

Brig D N Sabarwal(Retd), Advisor


Brig. Sabarwal has 32 years (June 63 to Aug 95) of rich, varied and wide experience in Army; out of which last 20 yrs were in senior/higher management appointment, diplomatic assignment abroad and professorship in the academic field.


Some of the  important assignments executed by him are as follows :–

  1. CEO of a communication unit for operational comns in Sikkim
  2. Dean and Professor of Electronic Warfare at MCTE ,MHOW
  3. Military Attache for India in our Embassy in Japan and concurrently accredited to Korea 1984-87
  4. Director of Military Operations (MO10) at AHQ
  5. Military Liaison Officer in Srilanka during IPKF Operations
  6. DDG for PMO CIDSS for development of Command Information Systems


He worked for Four years (Sep 95 to Sep 99) with ITI Ltd., India’s premier PSU in telecom and led the PSU as Executive Director (Marketing), where took initiative to develop new markets and business in India and Abroad. Later-on, he moved abroad (Sep 99 to May 07) as the Group MD of Tower Group of Companies in Negeria.